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  • Are Large Format Tiles a Good Choice?

    Making a decision can be difficult, especially, when it comes to your dream house. Be it choosing the right paint, the quality of wood, the designs for different rooms or even the tiles. With so many choices available, one can easily get confused. Out of all these, choosing the right tiles can be the most difficult one. One of the frequent doubts is about the size of the tiles. The porcelain tile manufacturers are flooded with questions related to this. To help you out, here is an article that answers the question ‘Are large format tiles a good choice?’

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    One needs to know that large format tiles are the most preferred tiles in the category of vitrified tile in India. Large-format tiles are known for their class and its timeless beauty. These tiles are bigger than normal floor tiles and wall tiles in size. The size of a normal floor tile is 300mm x 300mm, whereas large format tiles come in bigger and different sizes starting from 600mm x 600mm, 800mm x 2400mm, 1200mm x 1200mm, etc. Large-format tiles not only make your place look big and spacious but also simple and elegant.

    Why Should One Choose Large Format Tiles?

    1.    Ample Space: You can always play with tiles, as it tends to create an illusion. Large-format tiles make rooms look larger. You can always choose the smallest room or corner of your house and make it look spacious with the help of large format tiles. Porcelain large format tiles tend to make space look more aesthetic. 

    2.    Better for large-scale areas: Unlike home, there are large spaces like big companies, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants and exhibition centers, etc. Using conven-tional or small format floor tiles can take a lot of time to cover such large spaces. Largefor-mat tiles make it easier to cover the area and make it look elegant. 

    3.    Easy maintenance and care: The gap between tiles are prone to dust and dirt. It becomes difficult to clean and maintain these tiles. Large-format porcelain tiles mean fewer gaps and grouts.

    4.    A variety to look into: With such a huge demand, the tile industry started to focus on manufacturing large format tiles in different colors, styles, and designs. From polished porcelain to double charged tile, there are different styles of tiles available in the market. Large-format tiles come in different sizes including giant squares and large rectangular slabs.

    5.    The ‘chic’ look: People choose large format tiles mostly to make their place look elegant and refined. Such tiles tend to add value to your home. Porcelain tiles manufacturers in India introduced large format tiles that could change any place into a supreme space. 

    Next time you feel confused while choosing the size of the tiles, make sure you know your place and requirements well. An idea of the kind of look you want to give to your space will give you an idea of the size of the tiles. It is better to use large format tiles for a sophisticated and spacious look. Large format tiles are pocket-friendly and easy maintenance. Making a decision while choosing tiles can be challenging, but good research can be helpful.